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Get Started with SpeedFox in 3 Quick Steps:

Getting Started Phase 1

Sign up for a web hosting account using our secure on-line order form. Our 3-Star hosting plan is the most popular hosting plan that we offer. The Virtual Private Server plans (VPS Hosting) are very popular among our business clients.

You create your website using the Site Studio tool (hundreds of templates to choose from). Or, for the do-it-yourself webmaster, you can use any editor such as FrontPage or Dreamweaver. If you registered a domain name when you ordered hosting, please allow at least 24-48 hours for your new domain name to propagate the Internet. In the mean time, you can begin to upload your files using your IP address. Your IP address will be delegated to you upon completion of the order form. Getting Started is fast, easy, and simple. If you need us to move your files from your previous host to SpeedFox, please complete the domain move form.

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Getting Started Phase 2

Domain transfers: In order to use your domain name with SpeedFox, you must point your domain to our nameservers. To do this, you will need to visit the domain registrar site where you originally registered your domain name.

If you do not know which registrar you used, just look up your domain name here, and then press the "show me WHOIS output" button to see which company is listed in the "Registrar" section. Once you are at the domain registrar's site, login to their system using the username and password they originally assigned you. Once you login, you will come across a link that lets you change your nameserver information. Please update your nameserver information to the following:

Shared Hosting Nameserver information:


VE Hosting (Virtual Private Servers)

After making these changes, wait 24-48 hours before your nameserver changes will be visible on the Internet. Note: you can begin using email services and the Site Builder tool after your new domain or domain transfer has propagated the Internet.

Getting Started Phase 3

After these steps have been completed, cancel your hosting account with your previous host (if you have one). You can verify that your domain name is pointing to our servers by doing a whois lookup. If our name servers are shown at the bottom of that page, then your transfer has been completed and your domain name is pointing to our servers.

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